Blocked Drains Atherton Tablelands

We understand having a blocked drain is not pleasant and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

For blocked sewer emergencies we will prioritise you as protecting your health is important.

With a same day promise with any emergency blockages give O’Connells Plumbing a call.

Blockages seem to cause problems during the most inconvenient time so there are some signs to look for that you might be getting a blocked drain, for example you may flush the toilet and hear gurgling noise, or also notice water being sucked away.  Sinks draining slower than usual.  If you notice these things happening, we recommend you give us a call.

Blocked Pipes and Drainage
Blocked Drains occur at the most inconvenient times, look out for the warning signs!
Blocked sewer emergencies will be prioritised, as protecting your health is important to us!

Leaking Tap Repair

If your tap won’t stop leaking, or even just simply hard to turn off, call the team at O’Connells Plumbing Services.

We can give your taps a full service, giving your taps the brand-new feeling for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Types of Tap Repairs
  • Flick mixer tap repairs – cartridge replacement
  • Flick mixer replacement
  • Spindle tap re-washer
  • Service and lubrication spindle or replacement
  • Ceramic disk spindle repairs where possible
  • Re-seating tap bodies

Although it seems a simple task when you watch us repairing your taps, there are a few little tricks homeowners sometimes are not aware of.

When servicing taps, we will be sure to also re-seat your taps, ensuring the washers have a nice smooth brass surface to sit on.  This is essential task as with out re-seating the tap, prevents the washer from sealing.

Don’t wait call the Plumbers @ O’Connells Plumbing Services!

Leaking Tap Repair Services
Tap Repairs, get that brand new tap ‘easy to turn off’ tap feeling back in your home.
Plumbing Services Mixer Cartridge
Mixer Cartridges

Hotwater Hero’s

We offer same day replacement installation for like systems, or we can lend you one of ours.

We only install top quality brands, such as Rheem, Rinnai, Therman and Bosch. Put your mind at ease knowing your new unit will last.

We will take and dispose of your old hot water system and rubbish, saving you the hassle of disposal yourself

Same Day Installation!

We understand the importance of hot water in the house, that’s why where possible we will ensure we prioritise you job and have your with running hot water the same day.

We are your hotwater specialist.

Whether it is gas continuous flow, gas storage, electric, solar hotwater or a heat pump we can make sure you get the right hotwater heater for you.

We can provide you with friendly advice and solutions on what hotwater system would best for your needs.

For your affordable hot water service repairs call O’Connells Plumbing Services your Hotwater Specialists.


Set Price Hotwater Replacement

Includes drain and removal of old unit, supply new Hotwater unit, including installation of valves to meet current compliance.  Includes electrical wiring.  No hidden costs, no onsite “upselling”.

We understand that the family budget is one of the biggest issues facing Australian Families. We also believe that families shouldn’t be without hot and cold water supplied or functioning waste systems. These are basic needs for families everywhere!

That’s why we offer a payment solution! ZipPay! O’Connells Plumbing Services are here for you.

Tablelands Hot Water Installation
Same Day Installation
Types of Hot Water Systems

Our team can give you the best advice on the hot water system that will cope with your families requirements, and work within your budget.

Continuous Flow

This is a gas hot water system, if you have gas on your property, or are think about having gas installed then continuous flow hot water system could be for you.  These are energy efficient, and only heat the water you need it.  These hot water services come in a number of different sizes, ensuring the whole house can be serviced with hot water.  Another great benefit about installing a continuous flow hot water system is that you will never run out of hot water.  If you have teenagers, or just enjoy having a hot bath or a long shower, rest assured the hot water will keep coming.  We offer a variety of major brands including but not limited to, Rheem, Rinnai and Therman.  All of these units come with a 10-year warranty.

Gas Storage

Gas storage hot water service are great.  They are efficient and heat the water fast.  With a low gas consumption and a fast recovery, you can save money and reduce the size of the hot water service needed.  Unlike the continuous flow hot water units these store hot water, so if there is ever a shortage of power you will still have running hot water.  These come in a variety of sizes from 90 litres upwards.

Electric Storage

An electric hot water system is a water tank that heats the water and stores it, it is more economical to supply and install, however these can be more expensive to run as the thermostat will heat the unit as required, even if you are not using hot water, when the temperature drops the electric hot water system will turn the element on to maintain its temperature.  There are ways you can reduce these electricity costs for example, running the system on an on/off peak power circuit, you can also install a larger tank such as a 250-315 litre, which holds more hot water , so when its full it only needs to heat a small amount of water at a time. 

Solar Hot Water

There are a variety of solar hot water systems, solar hot water systems work by installing solar panels on your roof which pass water through them.  The sun heats up the water running through these panels.  You can have a split system solar hot water system, which is when the tank is installed away from the panels, usually on the side of your house and a pump circulates the water through the panels and back into your tank, or a close coupled system, where the tank is attached to the panels on your roof, there the water can flow without assistance of a pump through the panels and into the tank.  You may be wondering how does the water heat up if its raining?  Solar hot water installations have boosters, whether it is a gas electric, or and electric solar booster, these will kick in when the sensor wire detects that the tank is not getting enough heat. 

Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat pump hot water services are another storage hot water heater.  They are highly efficient and use only 30% of the energy of a standard electric hot water service.  These hot water systems work like a revers cycle air conditioning system, using the refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the air to heat the water.  Although these are energy efficient, we do come across a lot of these systems that do not function correctly and it can be confusing on who to call to carry out repairs, a plumber?  Electrician?  Air conditioning technician?  Apart from that they are a great system and can save you on your next power bill. 

Set Price Hotwater Replacement
We are your Hot Water Specialists

Gas Fitting

Do you have a problem with your gas appliance? 

Gas fitters seem to be hard to come by on the Atherton Tablelands.  However, if you are looking for someone to service your appliance or carry out a new installation look no further. 

Not only does O’Connells Plumbing provide top plumbing services, but we can take care of your gas fitting needs as well. 

We can give you solutions for the cooktop that does not seem to be getting hot enough, or your hot water system that keeps cutting out. 

You may currently have electric hot water and want to upgrade to an instantaneous hot water service or prefer cooking with gas but do not know who to call, well now you do! 

If you’re unsure about what will or will not work at your property feel free to call our friendly team and we will be happy to give you some advice. 

Call us for a free quote and friendly professional advice

As with our plumbing work, we carry out a professional service ensuring that you, the customer is completely satisfied with our gas plumbing work.  All our work is thoroughly tested, making sure there is no leaks and everything on your property is gas safe, installed to Australian Standards.  Once we are satisfied everything is compliant, we will issue you with a gas certificate. 

If you can smell gas or have a suspicion that there may be a fault with your installation, call O’Connells Plumbing we will have someone attend as a priority to either isolate or locate your potential gas leak.  We have specialist equipment that can help us locate where the leak is coming from, ensuring a fast, efficient and cost-effective repair.

In the case that you do smell gas, turn all your appliances off.  Ensure that all pilot lights have gone out, turn off the gas at the gas bottles, or main isolation valve.  Open up all your windows and doors, allowing the area to become well ventilated.  Contact O’Connells Plumbing as soon as possible and let them know the situation.  Do not turn any gas appliances even a small leak can be dangerous.  Do not have any naked flames around the gas leak, including matches, lighters or cigarettes. 

Suspect a Gas Leak? CALL 0400653404 and our gas experts will be there within no time as a priority. 

We look forward to hearing from you, don’t forget to contact us even if it is just for some friendly advice.  Our team is happy to help.

Types of gas works we do

  • Gas Leak Emergencies – Call 0400 653 404
  • New Gas Installations
  • Gas Hot Water Installations
  • Gas Hot Water Servicing and Repairs
  • Gas Cooker Installations
  • Gas Cooker Service and Repairs
  • General Testing and Commissioning
  • LPG Conversions
  • Space Heater Installation and Servicing
Gas Appliance Installation
Gas Appliance Installations
Gas Leak Emergencies Atherton Tablelands
Gas Leak Emergencies
Gas Fitter Atherton Tablelands
Friendly Professional Advice

Property Maintenance Professionals

O’Connells Plumbing are a maintenance plumbing company based on the Atherton Tablelands.  We are experienced in dealing with Real Estates, property managers, owners and tenants.  Because we specialise in maintenance plumbing you can rest assure knowing that your job will be done properly and efficiently. 

We are available 7 days a week to keep your tenants happy.

Why Choose Us?


We understand while some jobs may be more urgent than others, as soon as the work order comes through Joanne or myself in the office is straight on the phone to the tenant to arrange a time.  No phone calls to you asking, “When is the plumber coming”.


We appreciate the work that is supplied to us from property managers.  Therefore, we offer a competitive rate to keep yourselves and your homeowners happy.  We don’t have a call out fee during regular work hours, so you are only billed for what time spent on the job and provide a full breakdown on invoices.  If you are sick of getting phone calls from the owners asking why I was charged for this or that, give us a call.  We have built our reputation on being good plumbers, reliable, and honest.  We’re here to provide a professional service, not up sell products.

State of the art Equipment

We understand that if you have the right gear for the job, it will be done faster, and smoother.  We have investing in a drain cleaning machine, so we can clear any blocked drains in a timely manner.

We also have other equipment such as a mini excavator, allowing us the find tricky leaks or broken sewage drains in tight spaces and much more.  Our boys always have the right gear for the job.

Stocked Vehicles

Our vehicles are always stocked with necessities, in most cases we generally have what is needed to carry out repairs without having to go to suppliers.  Again, this saves time and money.

Gas Fitting

Not only are we awesome Plumbers but we are Gasfitters as well.  We will test and inspect your plumbing installations including that all installations are up to standards and safe to operate.  We will also perform a gas pressure test making sure that there are no gas leaks.

Inspections and Reports

For our real estate clients upon request we can provide a plumbing report.  There is nothing worse than having a tradesman attending a job and having to get them back a week later to fix something minor they could have done whilst there last week.

If it is something simple such as tap washers we will do it straight away, anything that may cost a bit more than expected one of our plumbers will call you from site.

Property owners love to receive a plumbing report as well, they can feel at ease seeing their investment is in good hands with your agency.

Our plumbing reports include photos and a checklist.  Contact us if you would like an example.

Emergency Works

Plumbing emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient time.  O’Connells Plumbing can help you no matter the day of week.  Some examples of plumbing emergencies you may experience are:

  • A blocked toilet or sewer drain
  • A burst water main
  • A burst pipe inside
  • A roof leaks
  • No water for whatever reason
  • A Gas leak
  • No Hotwater
Contact Us 0400 653 404

Please Note:  After hours emergency works will incur a 3-hour callout fee as we have to pay our team a minimum of 3 hours to attend after hours and then hourly rate to complete any works.

$264.00 to attend emergency works then $88.00 every hour worked. 

Emergency Works Property Maintenance
Emergency Property Maintenance
Plumbing Services
All the right tools for the job
Plumbing reports for property owners

Toilet Repairs and Installations

Our business is toilets!  If anyone knows their way around a toilet it’s the plumbers from O’Connells Plumbing.

Whether it’s:

  • A leaking toilet
  • A new toilet installation
  • A cistern repair or replacement
  • A blocked toilet
Toilet Installation
Repairing a Toilet Cistern
Cistern Repair or Replacement
O'Connells Plumbing Toilet Installation

Emergency Works

Plumbing emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient time.  O’Connells Plumbing services can help you no matter the day of week.  Some examples of plumbing service emergencies you may experience are:

  • A blocked toilet or sewer drain
  • A burst water main
  • A burst pipe inside
  • A roof leaks
  • No water for whatever reason
  • A Gas leak
  • No Hotwater
Contact Us 0400 653 404

Please Note:  After hours emergency works will incur a 3-hour callout fee as we have to pay our team a minimum of 3 hours to attend after hours and then hourly rate to complete any works.

$264.00 to attend emergency works then $88.00 every hour worked. 

Emergency Plumbing Services
Call 0400 653 404 for Emergency Plumbing Works