What plumbing things can I DIY safely myself?

    Educational Tip

    What plumbing things can I DIY safely myself?

    Most plumbing work performed in Australia is regulated and is required to be done by a QBBC licensed plumber.  Some work though can be done unregulated by anyone with the knowledge and skills to do so.  You will still need to ensure that the work performed meets the minimum standard of work under your local legislation and codes.

    Included in the unregulated DIY plumbing work are:

    Replacing - shower heads, washers in taps, water filter cartridges, jumper valves, sanitary drain caps and drop valve washers, float valve washers and suction cup rubbers in toilet cisterns.

    Repairing – irrigation systems for the disposal of greywater or effluent from an onsite sewage facility

    Cleaning – ground level grates for a trap on sanitary drains

    Installing – an irrigation or lawn watering system, downstream from a tap, isolating valve, or backflow prevention device

    Other - Incidental unskilled tasks such as excavating or backfilling