What is the QBCC and how do they impact me?

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    What is the QBCC and how do they impact me?   

    The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) co-regulates the industry with Local Government Authorities (LGA). The Service Trades Council (STC) also operates as a voice for the industry in Queensland.  

    As the State’s building regulator, the QBCC aims to achieve a reasonable balance between the interests of homeowners and licensed contractors. They are responsible for administering Queensland’s plumbing and drainage licensing system and the notifiable work system, as well as regulating licensees and investigating unlicensed work. The QBCC investigates complaints about plumbing and drainage work that has been carried out, either by licensed or unlicensed persons.

    As a property owner, you also have a responsibility to ensure the plumbing and drainage connected to your properties are well-maintained in accordance with Australian Standards. The easiest way to do this is to engage a licensed plumbing contractor for any plumbing and drainage work that needs to be done.