Water Meters

    How do I find my water meter?

    • Usually your water meter will be located close to the front of the property, often just inside the front fence near a garden tap or corner boundary. Some councils mark these with a stake that reads METER. 
    • Here is a gallery of common Australian water meters.

    There is a valve next to the water meter known as the shut off or stop valve. Turn this clockwise when you need to turn all water to your house off (such as if there is a bad leak or flooding).


     Who is responsible for the water meter?

    Your local shire council is responsible for your water meter. You as the property owner, you are responsible for monitoring and maintaining all of the plumbing pipework and fittings on your private property (including the pipe running from the water meter to your residence, and any internal plumbing within your residence). If a leak occurs in any pipe on your property, you are responsible for having the leak fixed and for the cost of the water.


     How do I read the water meter?

    Some reasons to read your water meter include checking how much water you are using, detecting a leak, or providing your water retailer with a reading so they can send you an accurate bill.

    Once you’ve located your meter, read the black numbers from left to right, which represent kilolitres.

    The meters above are all showing a reading of 538 kilolitres.


     Is my water pressure ok?

    Water pressure, calculated as kilopascals (kPa) in Australia, contributes to how fast the water flows through your house’s pipes and out of your faucets or shower heads. If your water pressure is too high, you may be using too much water each day, you are at a higher risk of having pipe leaks and it can void warranties on your tap ware. If your water pressure is too low, you may be taking longer to perform basic cleaning and bathing tasks. Australian plumbing regulations state that your water pressure should be no more than 500 kPa.

    Your local plumber can install a pressure limiting valve at your water meter to ensure that your water will never exceed 500 kPa, even if the water pressure in your street fluctuates. A pressure limiting valve retails for around $120.00 plus installation and is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


    Before and after a pressure limiting valve is installed at a water meter.