Leaking Taps

    Most of the time when a tap leaks, it is because the tap washer has worn out.  Generally, it is a pretty straightforward job, and if you are confident, legally you can change over tap washers yourself.

    How to change a washer

    • Turn off the water supply
    • Turn on the tap to flush out any remaining water from the pipe
    • Plug the sink so small parts don’t go down the drain
    • Change the washer by removing the handle, the flange and then the spindle. Take out the jumper valve and replace the washer. Put the tap back together and test.

    Tap still leaking? Call a plumber

    Some taps are very old and quite fused together, so the plumber will need to use specialised tools to get them apart without causing damage.

    It can be hard to undo a tap without damaging the tap. If you’re not confident and you want to avoid damage, it is best to leave it to the professionals and call a plumber.