How much to install a septic system?

    The average septic tank cost for a conventional system with absorption trenches for a four-bedroom home is between $11,000 and $13,000, with desludging every three to five years.

    Did you know that their 3 types of systems used locally.

    • Conventional system with absorption trenches Average cost between $11,000.00 and 13,000.00.
    • AES system (advance environmental septic) These systems can be installed 10mtrs away from a water course. Average cost Between 12,000.00 to $15,000.00
    • Sewage treatment plant which can also be installed 10mtrs away from a water course or where there’s not sufficient space to install absorption and sand filter trenches. Average costs between $12,000.00 and $16,000.00


    Installation costs can vary widely depending on the complexity of the job including location and soil conditions. Before any installation can go ahead a Wastewater Design needs to be done by a wastewater consultant. This ensures your system is engineered and appropriate for your needs and land use.  YOU WANT THIS TO LAST FOR YEARS TO COME.

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