Why does Gas work need to be compliant?

     In Queensland when it comes to gas, safety is something that is taken very seriously.  Licensed gas fitters are sufficiently qualified for all gas jobs - residential, commercial and industrial.  A gas compliance certificate is a document completed by a licensed gas fitter after completing all or part of a gas installation (for both natural gas and LPG).  The certificate indicates that the gas installation complies with standards and regulations and is running as it should and will assist the owner in the future if it fails due to faulty workmanship. 

    The Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety Act) 2004 is the piece of legislation that applies to all gas appliances in Queensland. It requires any person who installs all or part of a gas system to provide to both the owner and the supplier a gas system compliance certificate and, if necessary, by law attach a gas system compliance plate.

    Gas fitters are also required by law to issue the owner or operator with a defect notice if they have safety concerns about a gas system they are working on.  If they believe that there is an imminent risk of material harm to persons or property they must also, take appropriate measures to avoid, eliminate or minimise the risk and immediately report it to the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate.

    Your manufacturer’s warranty and insurance cover may also be void if gas work is performed by an unlicensed person.

     You need a Gas Compliance Certificate when:

    *  The gas in your building is connected for the very first time

    *  A new gas appliance is installed, including stoves, cooktops, hot water       systems, fireplaces and ovens.

    *  A gas appliance is being replaced 

    *  The gas in your building is being reconnected

    *  A new gas pipe is installed, including gas hot water or gas bayonet for an               outdoor BBQ

    Although it isn't a regulatory requirement having your gas inspected and tested every 3-5 years is strongly suggested.  This time frame allows for any problems to be located before they become too large, ensuring your safety and saving you money.